The 10 most exclusive cars on the Planet

Automobiles are the ideal complement to express exclusivity and luxury available only to a privileged few. Great businessmen, football players, Arab sheikhs… But, , Have you ever wondered how much the most expensive car in the world is worth? To leave doubts, here I leave a ranking with the 10 most expensive models.

In the list we find well-known brands like Ferrari, Pagani, Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Bugatti.


Zenvo ST1 (Zenvo)

1. Zenvo ST1

1,09 millions

The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance supercar designed in Denmark. It has a 6.8 liter supercharged V8 engine that generates nothing more and nothing less than 1,104 hp at 3,900 rpm. Your benefits? Of vertigo: 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds and 0 to 200 km / h in 8,9 seconds. The body is made of carbon fiber.

Ferrari LaFerrari (Ferrari)

2. Ferrari LaFerrari

1,27 millions

The Ferrari LaFerrari is the first hybrid vehicle of the Italian manufacturer. It is equipped with a 6.3 liter V12 engine,
that together with the electric motor, accumulates a total power of 950 HP. Its technological deployment is impressive, and both the performance of its mechanics and a very worked aerodynamics, they allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just under 3 seconds.

Pagani Huayra (Pagani)

3. Pagani Huayra

1,27 millions

With a V12 engine of 6 liters and 730 HP of power, the Pagani Huayra offers its own aviation solutions, like flaps that rise to reduce rolling and braking distances. It reaches a top speed of 386 km / h and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.94 seconds. Inside, the materials are extremely luxurious (leather of the highest quality, titanium, carbon fiber …), as you would expect from a car in its category.

Aston Martin One-77 (Aston Martin)

4. Aston Martin One-77

1,27 millions

Surely the most elegant car on the list, The Aston Martin One-77 is dressed in an aluminum body that hides a monocoque carbon fiber structure. Under the bonnet hides a V12 engine of 7.3 liters that offers 750 HP of power. It is the most powerful Aston Martin in history, with a maximum speed of 354 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h of 3.5 seconds.

Koenigsegg One:1 (Koenigsegg)

5. Koenigsegg One:1


It is a spectacular sports whose greatest feature is the ratio of power 1: 1 that shows. Ceramic brake discs, a lot of carbon fiber, 1,341 power CV, Six-point harnesses … This missile has everything for your privileged pilot to experience incredible sensations,as the one to reach the 440 km / h of top speed.

Ferrari F60 América (Ferrari)

6. Ferrari F60 América

2,5 millions

To celebrate its 60th anniversary in the United States, Ferrari created the F60 America, based on the F12 Berlinetta. The interior is covered with red leather and details also in red, while on the outside it is blue (with white stripes) the one that predominates. Its V12 engine develops 740 hp and is capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.1 seconds. Only 10 units were manufactured.

Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron (Mansory)

7. Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron

3.08 millions

When a preparer of the likes of Mansory joins a brand like Bugatti,the result is guaranteed. This is the case of this Veyron, which has 1,200 horsepower, carbon fiber body, ailerons and specific LED lights, redesigned grill and new cabin for the occasion. It reaches a top speed of 408 km / h.

W. Motors Lykan Hypersport (W. Motors)

8. W. Motors Lykan Hypersport

3,08 millions

Produced by W. Motors, the Lykan Hypersport is the first supercar produced in the Middle East.Produced by W. Motors, the Lykan Hypersport is the first supercar produced in the Middle East. and highlight its opening doors to the Lamborghini style, a science fiction interior, the incrustations of precious stones in their headlights and the engine of 3.7 liters with double turbo and 770 CV of power. In 2.8 seconds, this supercar stands at 97 km / h.

Lamborghini Veneno (Lamborghini)

9. Lamborghini Veneno

4,08 millions

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini created the Poison. It inherits the name of one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls. It is powered by a 6.5-liter V12 that produces 740 hp and is capable of going from 0 to 97 km / h in just 2.9 seconds. Only 5 units were manufactured, and it is the second most expensive car in history.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (Koenigsegg)

10. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

4,3 millions

This limited edition of the Swedish sports car is the most expensive car in the world. Its carbon fiber body is coated with a diamond resin. Under the bonnet we find a V8 block of 4.8 liters with double turbo that offers 1.004 HP of power. At the moment, only 3 units have been manufactured (and sold).

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